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Ninth Annual York and Scottish Rites Unity Dinner in Aiken
June 15, 2013

The Aiken York Rite Bodies and the Valley of Aiken, A&ASR celebrated their Ninth Annual Unity Dinner and Ladies Night at Woodside Plantation and Country Club on June 15, 2013.
A social hour preceded the banquet of beef tenderloin and atlantic salmon.  A harpist performed during the diner hour.  Roses were presented to each of the ladies.  Following the appropriate introductions of the distinguished guests WM Bro. David J. De Chant, 33°, GM, was welcomed with a standing ovation.  The Grand Master thanked the members of Aiken for hosting such a wonderful evening and how much he and Miss Billie have enjoyed being here and great the fellowship.  The GM received a standing ovation at the conclusion of his remarks.  The evening was concluded with the benediction.

2013 Aiken Unity Group Picture
Front Row
MI & Ill. Doug Knauer, 33°, MIGM; RW Bill Rogers, 32° KCCH, DGM; MW David J. De Chant, 33°, GM; SK Zeb Morgan, REGC; Ill. & RW Michael D. Smith, 33°, SGIG in South Carolina, JGW

Second Row
Ill. Lloyd F. Christopher, 33°, Intendant General RCC; RW Bill Logan, 33°, SGW; MW G. Kent Elkins, 33°, PGM, Chief Adept SRICF; Ex. Jon S. Majerus, GM 1st Veil; Rt. Ex. Robert Lacer, 32° KCCH, DDGHP 2nd Dist

Third Row
Howell N. "Sam" Watson, 32°, VM Aiken Lodge of Perfection; Brian A. Armstrong, EHP, IM & EC, Aiken York Rite Bodies, WM Aiken Lodge #156 AFM; VB Joel E. Casey, 32° KCCH, SM Aiken Council # 140 AMD; RW S. David Stroud, 32°, DDGM 6th Dist; Ill Ron Parker, 33°, Personal Representative Valley of Aiken'; Ill Lee Roy Bruce Sr., 33°, Celebrant SC College SRICF; Ill Robert D. Yonce, 33°, MIPGM

2013 Aiken Unity Dinner - 2
Grand Master, PGM's, Current & Past Grand Lodge Officers

2013 Aiken Unity Dinner - 3
PGHP's & Current Appointed Officers

2013 Aiken Unity Picture - 4
MIGM, MIPGM's, & Current Appointed Officers

2013 Aiken Unity Dinner - 5

2013 Aiken Unity Dinner - 6
SGIG, 33°, 32°, & KCCH Honour Men of South Carolina

2013 Aiken Unity Dinner - 7

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